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21, August 2018

Refractive Cataract Surgery  

Cataracts are a common occurence in the adult population and are mainly due to the ageing process of tissue within the eye. Some cataracts are associated with medical conditions like Diabetes Mellitus, or the use of steroid treatments. All cataracts interfere with the quality of your vision, as well as causing glare and blurred vision.

Cataract surgery involves emulsification of the human cataract lens within the eye, followed by replacement of the lens with a manufactured plastic IntraOcular Lens, IOL. Your vision after cataract surgery is very dependent on the measurements of the replacement IntraOcular Lens; better measurment means better vision.

For our patients, there are a number options as to where they wish to have their vision after surgery and we aim to determine what's best with you. All patient require a tailored approach to their vision needs. We understand how each optical approach affects the quality of vision and have the best tools for improving your vision.

We use the most advanced technology available to achieve the highest results after your cataract surgery. And with the highest standards of surgical technique we aim at achieving the best outcomes. Presbyopia correction is an integral part of our cataract and refractive surgery.