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19, June 2024


The most important aftercare is to rest; go home, take some analgesics and try and sleep or rest with your eyes closed for the next 12 hours. This allows the eyes to remain still and for the skin of the eye to recover.

What should I do immediately after surgery?

Your eyes will be gritty and irritable and very sensitive to light for several hours after your surgery. They usually produce a lot of tears.

Rest with your eyes closed. Sleeping after the procedure will help the eyes to heal. Don’t squeeze or rub your eyes.

Clear plastic goggles will be placed over your eyes for protection. These must stay in place until removed by the clinic staff the following day. You will need to wear these at night for a further 2 nights to prevent rubbing of the eyes during sleep. During the day sunglasses are advisable.

Keep water out of your eyes in the first week after surgery.

What shouldn't I do after LASIK?

Swimming; don’t go swimming or use a spa for at least 2 weeks. Avoid surfing for 2 weeks. Scuba diving ; not for at least 1 month. Light exercise; may be started in the first week but be careful around other people and do not rub your eyes. Avoid getting sweat in your eyes. Avoid contact sport for 1 month. Don’t rub your eyes hard, ever, and don’t rub them normally for the first month. Do not wear makeup for the first month.